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Timeline of The Early Colton School System

1879            Mr. J.E. Colton organized the first school district #62 and was also elected chairman.

1882            It was likely that this was the first year that school was taught out of an old sod house,  with Mrs. Ellen Colton as an early teacher.

1880’s          During the 1880’s the first frame school house was built in “old town Colton”.

1903-1905    A new larger frame school house was erected near where the original Andrew Nelson sod house school once stood.

1904-1905    Some high school subjects were taught at the school.

1907            A two year high school was established then discontinued in 1909 for three years.

1913-1914    A four year formal high school with a staff of six teachers,  three in high school,  three in elementary was established during this time.

1917            Colton High School proudly graduated it’s first class. One of these graduates was Esther Colton the youngest daughter of J.E. Colton.

1924           Armistice Day, Colton pupils filled the halls of the new brick building, which replaced the former wooden structure. This building was dedicated Dec 11, 1924.

1966            May 24,  a special election created Tri-Valley independent school district # 153.

1967            In May of this year the last class graduated from Colton High School. This brought an end to the schools proud 50 year history.

1967            July 1st, the new Tri-Valley school district went into effect combining Colton, Crooks, and Lyons as well as other small districts.

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