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The citizens of Colton and rural Minnehaha County of South Dakota owe
a great debt to the men and women of the Volunteer Fire Departments
operating within our county.  The countless hours that these highly trained
and skilled responders spend each year helping to keep us safe results in
literally thousands of dollars in tax savings for the county, in addition to
providing vital emergency services to Colton and rural Minnehaha County.
Thank you men and women of the Colton Volunteer Fire Department!

Fire Department Roster

LeRoy Koopman – Chief

Jon Randy – 1st Asst. Chief

Monte Koopman – 2nd Asst. Chief

Dick Johnson – Secretary/Treasurer

Jerry Hoek;     Jerrit Pedersen;     Wade Egger;

Ryan Fods;     Matt Kraner;     Jeremy Hoek;

Lois VanDerVliet;     Gerrit Pedersen;     David Jorgenson;

Kurt Anderson;     Charles Foster;     Jason Egger;

Michael Koopman;     Daniel Bunjer;     Wade VandeVooren;

Matt Swartwout;     Melissa Egger;     Joanna Kruse

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